Rumors point toward a February reveal of the PlayStation 5


PlayStation fans may finally get a look at the PlayStation 5 soon, as signs are increasingly pointing to a February reveal for the new console.

Sony recently announced the Experience PlayStation event, taking place from Jan. 14 to Feb. 16 in New York, where it says it will “celebrate 25 years of play with a collection of titles on PS4 and PS VR.” The timing of the event has raised some speculation, as a PS5 reveal was already expected at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in February. Sony announced the PlayStation 4 at a similar event in February 2013, which makes a February announcement for the PS5 seem all the more likely.

As Push Square reports, several top figures at Sony have also been seen in San Francisco recently, which some believe hints that the company is gathering its executives to prepare for the big announcement. Hermen Hulst, the new head of Sony Worldwide Studios posted about his arrival to the city, and the leader of Sony’s new indie relations department, Shuhei Yoshida, was later seen with indie dev Sucker Punch’s Andrew Goldfarb.

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Sony has been doling out information about its next generation console for months now, spilling a few new details at a time, but without an official reveal. Through both Sony and a series of leaks, we now have a good idea about the expected specs of the PS5, and what its controller might look like.

Sony also revealed the PS5 logo recently (with a good bit of pomp and circumstance), and there are reports of some games that will be coming to the new console. There’s still a lot that we don’t know, though, and Sony Interactive CEO Jim Ryan says that the most important features of the PS5 still haven’t been revealed.

Recent rumors suggest that Sony will be skipping E3 for the second time in a row this year, which could make the upcoming February events a perfect time to reveal the PS5 and start the marketing blitz leading up to launch.