Pokémon delays Twilight Wings fifth episode due to COVID-19

Now releasing next month.

Twilight Wings Hop and Wooloo

Pokémon: Twilight Wings fifth episode has been delayed due to logistical issues deriving from the COVID-19 outbreak in Japan, it was announced today.

The episode was expected to air in May, following a monthly schedule that has started in the middle of January and is supposed to be ending during the summer.

However, the fifth episode won’t be available until June 5, Pokémon has revealed today through its official Japanese Twitter account.

Currently, it has not been mentioned whether this delay would affect the following episodes in the series, too. Still, it’s most likely that the series should proceed with at least one month of delay compared to the original schedule.

It is worth adding that episodes are released with a slight delay in Western territories, and that should mean that Pokémon fans might be able to have their hands on the fifth only in the second week of June.

Twilight Wings is a web series featuring 6-minute long episodes and is revolving around the Galar region. The latest episode is all about Nessa, the Hulbury Gym Leader, from Sword and Shield.

Once the fifth episode gets released, the series will have two more episodes before reaching its conclusion, which was initially slated for the summer.

Now that the newest episode has been moved deeper into June, it’s not clear if that schedule could be kept or if it is going to face further delays.

Nintendo is in a similar position, where it is not announcing 2020 titles for Switch because it’s still figuring out how smart working and other logistical challenges due to COVID-19 will impact their releases.