Pokémon Developer Partners with Private Division on Project Bloom

The new IP is expected to launch sometime in the 2026 fiscal year.

Project Bloom Concept Art

Image via Private Division

Game Freak, the developers behind the hugely popular Pokémon video games, has been associated with Nintendo for most of their time in the industry. That partnership has proven to be a lucrative one that’s lasted many years.

Today, the studio has revealed its desire to create something new with a different partner. Game Freak have announced they will be partnering with Private Division to create a brand new action-adventure IP, codenamed Project Bloom, with the game currently in development.

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Project Bloom is a Major Departure For Game Freak

In an announcement post, Private Division and Game Freak expressed excitement about the new venture. Kota Furushima, director at Game Freak, said they look forward to making something new with a “bold and tonally different from our prior work.” Michael Worosz, the head of Private Division, shared the same sentiment, saying they are prepared to help Game Freak “unleash their potential” in creating a bold new IP, and added they are honored to be the first western developer to work with the studio. In celebration of the announcement, they shared the first piece of concept art for the game, which already shows a vast departure from the studio’s usual monster-capturing antics.

We currently have no information on what Project Bloom will be or entail, including its platforms. Still, we know the game is now in early development and has a rough release window for the 2026 Fiscal Year. As far as we know, this partnership will not affect Game Freak’s involvement with the Pokémon series or its partnership with Nintendo.

This isn’t the first time Game Freak has worked with other partners or released non-Pokémon related games. They released Tembo the Badass Elephant in partnership with Sega in 2016, and in 2019 self-published and released Little Town Hero. They recently released Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!, a sequel to the 3DS original Pocket Card Jockey for Apple Arcade.

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Despite not knowing much about this new project, it’s exciting to think that Game Freak will be working on a new IP in a new genre for the studio. Fans will likely be racing with ideas about what we could expect from the new game, but we will be waiting a while until we hear anything further about Project Bloom. For now, we’ll have to stick to Pokémon.