Pokemon Eviolite Item Uncovers Dipplin Evolution Slated For Indigo Disk DLC

Dipplin might receive a third evolution in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s upcoming Indigo Disk DLC, adding further depth to this new form.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC, fans are jumping back into the game to discover what lies within the new region, Kitakami. One of the new additions to game is a third Applin transformation called Dipplin. Players can add it early to their playthrough, growing their already stacked Kitakami Pokedex.

With the arrival of the Teal Mask DLC, dataminers have begun to dive into the upcoming second expansion, the Indigo Disk. The early findings from these reports is that Dipplin might have a third evolution, unlike the other two evolution for Applin, which would be a huge thing to discover for eager Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players.

Applin Could Receive a Third Form in Pokemon Indigo Disk DLC

Screenshot by Gamepur

The reports have been shared by multiple dataminers. Unfortunately, because these are from dataminers, the information is unfounded, and we cannot confirm that Dipplin will have a third evolution. The Pokemon Company is likely waiting to share these details closer to the Indigo Disk release date, which is set to occur sometime during Winter 2023, adding even more areas to check out for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players.

If Dipplin can evolve, it would be a first for Applin. The other two evolutions for Applin, Flapple and Appletun, do not have a third form. Given the way the data lines up, it looks like only Dipplin would receive this evolution. However, all three of these Pokemon are Grass and Dragon-types, which means the final form for Dipplin would likely share the same typing, but we can only guess.

If the Pokemon Company were planning to shake things up, saving it for the third evolution would be a good idea. Giving an exclusive third form to Dipplin is an interesting choice, and might prioritize this Pokemon in future installments. We’re hoping to see an over-the-top Dragon-type transformation for Dipplin if this information proves to be true, which means the upcoming Indigo Disk DLC for Scarlet & Violet is shaping up to be exceptionally exciting.

Although we won’t be able to fully confirm Dipplin’s third evolution until Indigo Disk launches later this year, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans can continue to speculate as they work through the Teal Mask DLC.