Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Blueberry Academy Location Points to a Gen 5 Remake

New revelations about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC hints at the next remake.

Image Via The Pokemon Company

The next Pokemon game remake has been hinted in the DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as it has been suggested that a trip to the Gen 5 region is on the cards. This makes sense, considering that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl were the last remakes on the Nintendo Switch, which suggests that Pokemon Black & White will be remade for the Switch’s successor.

The Pokemon Company has been remaking one generation of games per system, starting with Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen on the Game Boy Advance, leading into Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver on the Nintendo DS, then Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire on Nintendo 3DS, and we’re up to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl on the Nintendo Switch. The only outlier might be the Pokemon Let’s Go games, which have a lot of similarities to Pokemon Yellow but are more their entity due to their connections to Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Is Setting Up A Return To The Unova Region

Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC Feature
Image via The Pokemon Company

Most fans assumed that Pokemon Black & White remakes would be next on the agenda and that they’d possibly be saved for Nintendo’s next console. Fans have known for a while that the upcoming The Indigo Disk will involve a trip to the Blueberry Academy, but we now know where that school is based.

It’s revealed in the early moments of The Teal Mask DLC that Blueberry Academy is based in the Unova region. This means that players will be visiting the Unova region for the first time since Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, which could well mean that characters from the Gen 5 games will be making a return in cameo roles.

The fact that Blueberry Academy is based in the Unova region is no accident. The developers could have set it anywhere in the Pokemon world, and it didn’t necessarily need to be set in a specific region, as the characters could have obfuscated its exact location, as the geography of the Pokemon world is still a mystery.

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The fact that Blueberry Academy is set in the Unova region means that it could be featured as a new location in potential Pokemon Black & White remakes. There’s also a possibility that we get a Pokemon Black 3 & White 3, leading to the first trilogy within the series. There are a lot of theories here, but it’s clear that a true return to Unova could be in the cards.