Pokemon Fan Gets Tattoo Of Series’ Most Infamous Battle

A Pokemon fan now has a tatoo depicting the scariest opponent in the entire series.

Image Via. The Pokemon Company

One Pokemon fan has immortalized the most infamous battle in the series with a tattoo. Those who have been fans since the olden days will instantly know which fight this is.

There are many brutal Pokemon battles that fans remember, including the climactic showdown with Red on Mt. Silver in Pokemon Gold & Silver or the unstoppable carnage of Cynthia’s team at the end of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. There are also some Gym Leaders who have posed a threat, especially Brock, to the players who chose Charmander as their starter in the Kanto region.

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A Pokemon Fan On Reddit Has Tattooed Whitney’s Miltank On Their Arm

The most hated battle in the Pokemon series has to go to Whitney, the Normal-type Gym Leader of Goldenrod City, who is faced in both Pokemon Gold & Silver and Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver. A user on the official Pokemon Reddit named Isanid has immortalized the Whitney fight with a tattoo of Miltank with “Trauma” written beneath it.

The reason Whitney’s Miltank is so feared is due to how powerful it is for the section of the game where it’s faced. It specializes in using Rollout, which builds up power each turn and can hit any Ghost-type the player throws against it, which means Miltank needs to be dealt with quickly before it steamrolls the team.

Whitney’s Miltank acted as an impenetrable barrier for many players, as those who didn’t learn the battle system were forced to power level on the local wildlife until their starter Pokemon and its allies could overcome it with sheer numbers. Nowadays, most players know the tricks for beating it, especially as Pokemon Gold & Silver and Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver offer different solutions to the problem.

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Many people have put permanent tattoos of Pokemon on their bodies, mostly their favorites. In this case, Miltank earned its place as ink on the skin by being memorable for the wrong reasons, as the struggle to defeat it is what fans remember the most.