Pokemon Fan Halfway Through Fusing All Gen 1 Into a Single Behemoth

To catch them is my real test; to fuse them is my cause.

Image by Reddit/TB_Mumpitz

Pokemon fusions might be famous, but one fan is halfway through merging all of Gen 1 into a single, monstrous Pokemon. Much like the creators of Mewtwo in the Pokemon anime, this fan creation might become the strongest Pokemon ever created, should it ever achieve its final form.

The idea of Pokemon fusing into one is something fans have dreamed about since the days of Pokemon Red & Blue. This was helped by Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z finding popularity online within a similar timeframe around the world, with the fusion mechanics of the latter being adapted for Pokemon. Now, there are countless images of Pokemon fusions available online and Pokemon Fusion fangames that you can play.

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Half Of The Gen 1 Pokemon Have Been Fused Into One

Most Pokemon fusions consist of two or three, but one fan is taking it to the next level. Pokemon sub-Reddit user named TB_Mumpitz is now halfway through fusing all of Gen 1 into a single Pokemon, as 75 of them are now one being, with Wartortle’s wings on Arcanine’s heels. To check out more of these creations, follow TB_Mumpitz on Reddit, which has links to their other socials.

The bulk of the Pokemon’s body consists of Gyarados acting as the front, Onix’s tail at the back, and Arcananine’s body in the center. An almost ice cream-like structure rises from the middle, with Golem, Snorlax, Electrode, Machoke, Voltorb, and Gastly making up a spherical tower, topped off by Pidgeot’s gorgeous hair. An array of arms, legs, and fins also emerge from the sides of its many appendages.

The Gen 1 fusion is only halfway done, and it’s already a massive beast, with so much going on that it’s fun to just stare at it and break down all of the individual pieces. It’s unclear whether the finished creature will be followed by a Gen 2 fusion, with the two squaring up for a battle, or if all Pokemon will eventually be merged into this homunculus.

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It feels inevitable that Pokemon fusion will become part of the series in the future, especially as The Pokemon Company has already dabbled with different battle concepts, like Mega Evolution and Z-Moves. It’s less likely that we’ll see a Lovecraftian Gen 1 fusion like this in an official capacity, so fans will have to do the job for themselves and bring these wonderful beings to life on the Internet.