Pokemon Fans Horrified By Official Forum Gone Wild

Madness. Madness everywhere.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokemon fans were left horrified — and amused — after The Pokemon Company’s attempt to reconnect with its fanbase took an unexpected turn with the launch of an official forum on the 4th of July. What was intended to be a platform for fans to come together and share their love for the beloved franchise quickly became chaotic as users started sharing inappropriate and bizarre content.

The news broke as players discovered that the forum was being misused to post strange and unsettling topics. Some threads included discussions sexualizing Pokemon human and non-human characters alike. At the moment, the forum indulges topics like “I think I’m in love with Houndoom” and “What Pokemon do you think did 9/11.” These offbeat and offensive discussions were far from the engaging and wholesome content the company hoped for.

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Pokemon Company’s Official Forum Is Unbridled Chaos

Moderation was a glaring issue on the forum, as the lack of oversight allowed these bizarre threads to flourish. Users were left shocked at the level of unfiltered content that was being allowed on the platform. Some fans even voiced their concerns about the forum becoming a breeding ground for inappropriate discussions and feared that it would tarnish the reputation of the Pokemon community.

The situation escalated further when some users were banned from the forums for participating in these inappropriate discussions. However, this punitive approach seemed inadequate in tackling the root of the problem. Many fans questioned why The Pokemon Company had not implemented a more robust moderation system to prevent such content from surfacing in the first place.

The Pokemon Company’s official forum was intended to serve as a safe and fun space for fans to come together and celebrate their shared passion. Instead, it has left many disappointed and concerned about the state of the community.

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In light of this situation, fans turn to other Pokemon forums, such as Bulbagarden and PokeCommunity. Moderation has been more robust in these places to continue their discussions and interactions. It remains to be seen how The Pokemon Company will address the forum’s issues and regain the trust of its fanbase.