Pokémon Go dataminers uncover upcoming Kalos Mythical Pokémon

A mythical Pokémon from the Kalos region could be on the way.

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go’s current season, Mythical Wishes, centers around the arrival of several mythical Pokémon that have yet to arrive in the mobile game. The first one, Keldeo, turned up only a few days ago at the start of the Mythical Wishes season, and it looks like the next one is on the way. The assets for this Pokémon, which comes from the Kalos region, have been uncovered by dataminers, and they might arrive before the end of January.

The Pokeminers team shared the assets, showing off Cutiefly its evolved form Rimbombee, Mega Salamence, and the potential upcoming mythical, Steam Pokémon, Volcanion. Of the Pokémon shown, Mega Salamence is set to release next week during the Twinkling Fantasy event in Mega Raids.

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Developer Niantic has not shared when Volcanion, a Fire and Water-type mythical Pokémon, could come to the mobile game. Some fans are speculating Volcanion would be one that appears in Elite Raids, and some are estimating it could appear as late as February instead making its debut in five-star raids.

However, Volcanion is a mythical Pokémon, making it rarer than many of the legendary Pokémon. Typically, Niantic releases a mythical Pokémon through a Special Research ticket, and it will likely cost a specific amount of money to purchase the ticket and complete the quest alongside a large event. This would mirror how Keldeo appeared last month, where players had to buy the Something Extraordinary Special Research during the last few days of the Mythic Blade event. Volcanion’s arrival will likely follow these same steps, which could be discouraging for many Pokémon Go players.

Throughout the first month of the Mythical Wishes season, Niantic posted several Special Research and Timed Research tickets alongside the weekly events as optional paid content. Not every one of these tickets prevented players from fully engaging in the event, but some did, such as the Something Extraordinary for players to encounter Keldeo.

We’re left to speculate without an official announcement from Niantic regarding Volcanion’s appearance in Pokémon Go. The dataminers have yet to discover the stats for Volcanion or what type of moves it could learn, which would give us a better idea for when Niantic will release an official announcement.