Pokémon Go fans suffered another rough Elite Raid weekend, surprising no one

Another Elite Raiding weekend in Pokémon Go where multiple players encountered several connection issues.

Image via Niantic

Unfortunately for the developers at Niantic, players did not universally praise the arrival of Regieleki in Pokémon Go. When attempting to connect to the Elite Raids needed to earn the ‘mon, players encountered multiple issues which stopped a lot of fans from playing the game.

These errors, unfortunately, have become relatively common for Pokémon Go players when it comes to Elite Raids. Since they arrived in October 2022, there have been several connection issues, leaving many players unable to connect to any of them, missing out on these encounters.

The Regieleki Elite Raids went off with multiple problems in Pokémon Go

The issues were reported by various players who attempted to connect to a Regieleki Elite Raid when they appeared on April 9, 2023. The Elite Raids appeared 24 hours before they were available, giving players enough time to round up others in their local area and attempt to complete it.

However, when players used a Raid Pass to connect to these raids, many were met with an error message that read, “No groups found with that code,” and they were unable to connect to the raid. This occurred for multiple players and became a common trend throughout the weekend.

Players who did successfully find Regieleki raids were luckier than others. These encounters yielded a handful of Regieleki captures, but many players are curious if Niantic will explore an alternative to Elite Raids, especially if these issues continue to crop up.

The lack of communication from Niantic about these problems seems to be a reoccurring theme, especially after last week’s Remote Raid Pass changes, where their price would increase, and players have a daily limit. The Pokémon Go community was extremely vocal about not agreeing with these changes, but Niantic has yet to offer an official comment.

At this point, the Pokémon Go community would like to feel some type of acknowledgment from Niantic following the extended silence the company has had with its community. Although the team continues to say they want to be open, transparent, and have a conversation with the players, their actions continue to say otherwise.