Pokémon Go “Litters The World” With Same 20 Pokémon, According To Players

Players feel Pokémon Go keeps spawning the same handful of Pokemon out of the 900 available.

Image via Niantic

Pokemon Go’s popularity has fluctuated since it was released in 2016, and since then the game keeps facing backlash from its fans. When a player is out doing errands or taking a simple walk, the game spawns Pokémon to catch, similar to other games in the franchise.

Pokemon Go’s spawn mechanics are a surprise as trainers aren’t ever sure which creatures they will encounter. Pokemon spawn from a set pool, periodically changing or being more limited due to in-game events or seasons. That said, trainers haven’t been too miffed about the repetitive spawns in Pokemon Go.

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Players Of Pokémon Go Keep Seeing The Same Pokemon

The Pokémon Go community has taken to Reddit to discuss how there are “800 Pokemon and all we get is like 20.” Trainers expressed how every time they log onto the game, the same handful of Pokemon greet them. This has led fans to feel the “thrill” of the game has vanished now that the chances of filling out the whole Pokedex seem impossible.

It was discussed how the seasonal pools haven’t been working for the game and need to be taken out. The seasonal pools limit what spawns in Pokemon Go during different calendar months. One user pointed out the idea of filtering through the nearby Pokemon list, which would benefit the players by letting them see the Pokemon they intend to catch.

The community is concerned about the game losing the luster that it once had. Trainers expressed that the pool should spawn 50% of the Pokemon available in the game to create a solid variety. Some players even said the seasonal pools must go for the game to appeal to its fans from 2016.

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As of right now, there are 900 Pokémon listed in Pokémon Go’s files, meaning there are tons of Pokémon that could be spawning, but only a handful do. Limiting the number of spawnable Pokemon could put Pokemon Go at risk of losing even more players than it already has. Even though Pokemon Go offers a convenient Pokemon experience, players may start to turn away from it and to the mainline titles instead.