Pokemon Go Player Defends Difficulty of Masterwork Research Challenges

Some players want challenges in Pokemon Go to be easy, but one player is defending the difficulty of Masterwork Research Challenges.

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Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go has never been a game designed to be a quick game. Players are required to walk for miles to earn Candy, find and capture Pokemon, and locate Raids where they can catch the most powerful Pokemon. While some players complain about how long the latest Masterwork Research Challenges are taking to complete, others defend the difficulty.

One Pokemon Go player has hit their limit for player complaints over the difficulty of Masterwork Research Challenges. In a recent post on the Pokemon Go Subreddit, they’ve hit out about how bored of those complaints they are considering the nature of the game.

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One Player Doesn’t Understand Why Pokemon Go Players Want Easy Masterwork Research Challenges

Pokemon Go’s Masterwork Research Challenges see players completing tasks that will take them days. These challenges are designed to be some of the toughest in the game because the rewards are among the rarest and best, such as a Shiny Mew Masterwork. However, many players don’t want to play for days in order to earn their rewards. They want a challenge they can complete in a few hours. Now, one player has posted a post in the game’s subreddit calling out those wanting an easier experience for the best reward.

Reddit user Phraaaaaasing explains, “Look, if it’s called “Masterwork Research, they don’t want it to take a few days. Also, shiny pokémon are supposed to be rare. or heaven forbid, if you don’t wanna do the research you don’t earn the reward.” The point they’re making is that Pokemon Go is a game designed to be played over longer periods, so expecting short challenges for the ultimate rewards doesn’t make sense.

Some other players have responded with similar views to the original poster, “If the tasks are inaccessible to complete, then it’s not a challenge. While tedious in parts, the Jirachi research allowed all players to complete it no matter where they are in the world, all tasks were doable.” This comment makes the point that challenges should take effort but shouldn’t be impossible. This is where some fans are struggling because they see these Masterwork Research Challenges as impossible.

Another player makes a compelling counterpoint to this post, “Kinda? I can’t get the spin a Pokestop 14 days in a row unless I manage to put one right on my house tbh. I live out in nowhere with no stops nearby for a good hour walk at least, and no connection whatsoever for at least 40 minutes of that walk.” They don’t live near enough a Pokestop or any landmarks to make challenges easily completable like they would be in more built-up areas.

This is how challenges can become impossible and inaccessible, but it’s hard to say if it’s a failing of the game or players with extenuating circumstances expecting to be catered for while in the minority. This can be a problem in any MMO or large game community, and the answer is usually that the players complaining either need to make a change to get what they want or stop playing entirely.