Pokemon Go Player Fulfills Prophecy By Using Master Ball To Catch Shiny “god”

All hail god Bidoof.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Two months ago, Pokemon Go users pondered how many posts would appear with people catching unremarkable Pokemon with a Master Ball just for the meme. Today, in a twist that surprises no one, a Pokemon Go player has fulfilled a long-standing prophecy by using a Master Ball to catch a shiny “god.”

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The Master Ball, known for its unparalleled capture rate, is a legendary game item typically reserved for capturing the rarest and most elusive Pokemon. However, this daring player, who goes by the username NotYourBro69, decided to break all conventions and employ the Master Ball on the unsuspecting Bidoof.

Pokemon Go Player “Wastes” Master Ball on Bidoof

Bidoof, a Normal-type Pokemon known for its adorable but unremarkable appearance, has never been associated with any divinity or god-like status in the Pokemon universe, in a literal sense. Yet, this audacious act has certainly raised some eyebrows within the community. 

Most of the Pokemon Go Reddit community has chimed in on the fun. Some users applauded NotYourBro69’s audacity, claiming that even deities should be subject to the power of the Master Ball. Others hailed this moment as the culmination of years of gameplay, celebrating the player’s dedication and ultimate triumph. This extraordinary feat seems to have captivated the Pokemon Go community, creating a buzz of excitement.

As news of this unextraordinary catch spreads, the Pokemon Go world debates the morality of “wasting” a rare Master Ball this way. Most players would store this Pokeball away, reserved for a legendary like Mew or Zapdos, perhaps even shiny ones. However, this Poke Master’s actions serve as a reminder to take things with a bit more ease.

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The unlikeliest of events can lead to moments of pure joy and entertainment. With a Master Ball in hand, a brave player has challenged convention and caught a shiny “god” in the form of a Bidoof. Extraordinary moments can sometimes arise from ordinary circumstances. Truly, the world of Pokemon Go continues to surprise and delight its dedicated trainers at every turn.