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Pokemon Go Player Loses Best Partner In Fight With Husband

Pokemon Go player's husband deletes wife's best Pokemon during a argument to prove a point and its not pretty.

Pokemon, while digital creatures eternally trapped inside our devices, often evoke the same emotion inside trainers as their household pets. Despite never being able physically interact with these creatures, some trainers form close bonds with their cyber companions.

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Now imagine a real-life companion – best friend, spouse, courtship partner – takes your favorite digital cuties and throws them into oblivion. Well, for one unfortunate Reddit user, a fight with their significant other resulted in all of their best partners from Pokemon Go being transferred to Professor Willow.

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Pokemon Go Players Say To Send Husband To Professor For Candy

Fellow Pokemon Go players express their concerns in the comments of the Reddit post after the husband deletes his wife’s rare Pokemon. Some players are claiming this could be considered a form of abuse. Players went on to state how the husband had to of known how much Pokemon Go meant to his spouse and that this would be something to hit her where it truly hurts.

One player wrote, “Transfer your husband to the professor for candy.”

When players send Pokemon to the professor, they get rewarded with candy to level up other Pokemon, so players are pointing out how that should be what the wife does with her husband because of his acts.

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Another user went on to say that the actions are equivalent to those of smashing someone’s hobby supplies or torching their garden. They also pointed out how this lady probably didn’t get the Pokemon without spending money in the game, so not only is the hard work lost, but also the hard-earned money that was spent.

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