Pokemon GO Player Walks For the First Time After 7 Years of Playing

Niantic really did say no cheaters on my watch.

Image Source: The Pokemon Company

Ever since its debut in 2016, Pokemon GO has continuously dragged its players off their couches and into the great outdoors. While Niantic might have had a rollercoaster ride with their player base lately, the game’s original goal was simple: get folks to walk their legs off, enticing them with more Pokemon and goodies the farther they go. 

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That’s why more than one eyebrow rose in unison when this 7-year-long Pokemon GO player spills the beans that they’ve NEVER taken a single stroll in the seven years of playing the game. Not even a single walk in the park. Until today, that is.

7-Year Pokemon GO Player is Forced to Walk for the First Time

The couple’s unique gameplay strategy involved one person driving at a snail’s pace while the other managed both phones to catch, spin, and hatch eggs. While their unconventional method was certainly ingenious, it took them this long to stumble upon a route that didn’t follow any roads. And that’s when it happened — the momentous decision to park the car and set foot on solid ground.

Despite the skeptics’ concerns about the environment, this dynamic duo put those worries to rest. Their clever strategy of combining the daily commute with Pokemon hunting meant they were in traffic either way, making the most of their time on the road. Though it’s a perfect example of teamwork and efficiency, it was certainly not foolproof. 

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Pokemon GO’s mission to inspire people to explore and lead an active lifestyle has struck a chord with countless players. The heartwarming tale of this devoted couple finally venturing out on foot is a testament to the game’s incredible power to motivate and unite players. Who knows what other surprises await them as they continue their real-world Pokemon journey? Kudos to the couple for taking their Pokemon adventure to the next level, step by step.