Pokémon GO players are going on a “strike” due to Niantic’s remote raids price increase

Not so onix-pensive now, huh?

Image via ThePokémonCompany

As Pokémon GO players worldwide wake up to the announcement of Niantic’s latest decision to increase the price of Remote Raid Passes, many are taking to social media platforms and game forums to voice their disapproval. However, a small but growing number of players are going one step further by organizing a strike against the game’s developers.

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The proposed strike, set to last for a week, involves Pokemon GO players refusing to use or purchase any Remote Raid Passes or boxes from the in-game shop. The hope is that this action will send a clear message to Niantic that the community is not happy with the recent change and are willing to take a stand to defend their rights as consumers.

Niantic’s decision to raise the price of Remote Raid Passes has been met with widespread criticism from the Pokémon GO community, particularly from players who rely heavily on the feature to participate in raids with other players. The price increase is seen as a blow to these players, who already struggle with a lack of access to gyms and Pokéstops in their area.

Despite the backlash, Niantic has yet to release an official statement addressing the players’ concerns. This has only fueled the anger and frustration of the community, who feel that their voices are not being heard.

The strike, organized through various social media platforms and Discord servers, is gaining momentum as more and more players join the cause. Many post pictures and videos of themselves deleting the game from their devices or canceling their subscriptions to the premium pass service.

While it remains to be seen if the strike will significantly impact Niantic’s bottom line, it is clear that the Pokémon GO community is determined to make their voices heard. Whether the strike will lead to a change in Niantic’s policies remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the players are not backing down without a fight.