Niantic adds a catch to Regidrago raids in Pokémon Go, disappointing fans worldwide

Not everyone may walk away with a Regidrago.

Image via Niantic

Regidrago has been confirmed as coming to Pokémon Go, and it will be happening soon for players excited to add this Dragon-type Pokémon to the collection. It’s another powerful Pokémon that will only be available briefly, so players must act quickly to track it down and catch it. However, there’s a catch for all Regidrago raids, and it’s left fans feeling disappointed worldwide about this choice as many will be left out.

The Niantic team has confirmed that Regidrago will begin appearing in Pokémon Go in Elite raids starting on March 11 at 11 AM in a player’s local time zone. Regidrago will only appear for a short time and then reappear at 2 PM and 5 PM in a player’s local time zone. This should give Pokémon Go players several opportunities to catch it throughout the day, but not every city has an Elite Raid, and players cannot use Remote Raid passes, meaning players need an in-person group to take it down.

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Elite Raids have had a good amount of controversy since they were introduced last season. The previous Pokémon to appear for these raids was Hoopa Unbound. Although fans could catch the Pokémon, many of the Elite Raids were bugged or ran into other issues that prevented players from catching this Pokémon. Many fans predict the same problems with the upcoming Regidrago raids but are also disappointed that Niantic continues to prevent Remote Raid Passes from being used.

Not every Pokémon Go player has access to a capable group that can work together to tackle these raids. In addition, not every smaller town has an Elite Raid that can appear, preventing some players from participating in this exclusive activity.

There are multiple restrictions that come with Elite Raids, and fans admit that when these activities work, they’re fun. However, despite this enjoyment, the overall cons outweigh the pros, and many fans are not looking forward to the other legendary Pokémon that Niantic might release in the future and tying them to these exclusive activities.