Pokemon Go Players Claim Niantic Ignoring Community Is Reason Behind Layoffs

Pokemon Go players discuss why Niantic might have had to layoff employees due to not listening to the community.

Image via Niantic

Niantic has had quite the eventful week when it comes to their release of the new Campfire app, which is supposed to act as a social media for Pokemon Go players to connect and find more Trainers to raid with. The day directly after, we see Niantic lay off over 200+ employees from their team.

Today a very long statement was released that was emailed to employees at the company stating what the future holds for Niantic. It also goes in-depth to discuss what the plans for Pokemon Go will be and how they want this game to be a “forever game.” However, players are concerned though about the future of the franchise.

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Players Discuss Things That Are Hurting Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go player took to Reddit to share a comical meme about how Niantic has “ignored” its player base, and that is part of the reason why they probably had experienced these layoffs. This wraps back around to the community making countless comments about what they would like to see from the game and also how the game is becoming too expensive for some players, which has caused them to stop playing altogether.

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One player made the comment that only letting people purchase and use five remote raid passes a day is one way that the company took an unplanned cut in pay. This comes off the heels of Niantic nearly doubling the price of Remote Raid passes and a strike that saw thousands of players leave the game.

That said, players have consistently stated they would be more willing to spend money on Pokemon Go if Niantic would make changes that better remote play. This includes buffing the effectiveness of Incense while stationary, lowering Remote Raid prices and removing the daily cap, and selling higher-quality item bundles.

The statement that was released today does promise that with the cancellation of other Niantic projects, they will be focusing more on Pokemon Go. But will the focus shift to improving the game for players or will Niantic continue to ignore fans.