Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Player Gives Pokemon “Food Poisoning”

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player makes a terrible basil sandwich and gives their Pokemon “Food Poisoning.”

Image via Game Freak

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have a feature that allows players to feed themselves and their Pokemon via a picnic. This is something players do if they want a better egg breeding outcome or extra rewards from a certain type of Raid battle. Preparing these recipes, or even buying them, can have a positive impact on a player’s journey in Paldea.

However, with the 151 different sandwich recipes, some are bound to be better than others, and some might be the least favorite of every Pokemon… A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player shared a clip of them eating a “1-star” sandwich which caused a mix of interesting reactions from the community in the comments.

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Player Feeds Their Pokemon A Basil Sandwich

In the clip shared on Reddit, it shows a video of a player eating a piece of bread with only basil on it. This caused the game to throw up a purple backgrounded clip with both the Pokemon and the avatar of the player looking disgusted. The player then jokes that they gave their Pokemon food poisoning with their sandwich concoction.

Some players expressed confusion, having not known this clip was even possible to pop up based on what you feed your Pokemon. Other players replied, letting them know that this was only something that popped up when players selected one ingredient, such as basil, for their sandwich while at a picnic.

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Another user made a joke stating, “The way everyone just gave up and died in the end,” which adds to the comical tone of the post. It is quite funny to think about but also sad to think of the Pokemon suffering through a terrible sandwich.