Pokemon Go Players Drool Over Commemorative 7th Anniversary Artwork

Pokemon Go fans discuss the new artwork for the 7th anniversary, and many are excited about what might come.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go’s 7th anniversary has come into full swing, and it has many trainers from all over very excited. Players are collecting some of the most popular Pokemon wearing party hats as part of the celebration, and many advertisements and art are being shared on social media that fans admire.

With the anniversary of the mobile game being upon us, so is the release of Pokemon Sleep later this month, adding some extra excitement to the community to see so much Pokemon content stacking up over the next few weeks.

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Beautiful Pokemon Go 7th Anniversary Artwork Has Players Mesmerized

Serebii shared a picture of the artwork and its contents of many popular Pokemon, many of which we’ve seen recently in Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet or Raid Battles in Pokemon Go. The image also features many players-like avatars from the game, bringing them and Pokemon together, creating a very happy and welcoming display.

In the tweet’s comment section, many trainers posted zoomed-in pictures of their favorite Pokemon as they spotted them in the full art. Some players also shared the image from last year’s anniversary event and quoted how some popular Pokemon that were missing then were added now. Obviously, there is a lot of Pokemon worth adding, so it isn’t a surprise for every single one to not be on the post.

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Some eagle-eyed players are bringing forth an interesting discovery in the Pokemon Go 7th Anniversary Artwork — Pokemon Go Scarlet and Violet starters. This finding triggers the question of whether Niantic will add the 9th-gen starters to the game. A few other players have also pointed out the possible new hairstyle.