Pokemon Go Players Share Which Catches Their Children Used Master Balls On

Pokemon Go players come together to share unfortunate Master Ball Fails that come from raising the next generation of tiny trainers.

Pokemon Go master Ball Fail

Image Via Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go recently introduced Master Balls, which guarantee the catch of any Pokemon they are used on. However, trainers only received one of these special balls, causing them to be extra careful about what they used it on. Unfortunately, not all balls have been thrown at dream companions after a heated and difficult battle.

Reports of Pokemon Go Master Ball fails are common, with many players reporting that their young “trainer” children used them by mistake. While these Pokemon Go parents may now be out the ultimate Ball until the next distribution, they have obtained some amazing stories, many of which are now being shared on social media platforms.

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Pokemon Go’s Youngest Trainers Are Flinging Master Ball Fails

In a recent post by Fluffypitspatrick on Reddit, the player asks, “What Pokemon has a child caught with your Masterball and been super proud of?”, showcasing a stunningly average Hariyama loving named “corey got me”. Fans in the comments were quick to answer, sharing their own “special” catches.

One Pokemon Go player shared their nephew used the Master Ball on their brother’s account for a Skorupi. Another player explained a Master Ball loss when their daughter decided to catch a tricky Shadow Oddish.

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Meanwhile, other users on the post have been sharing useful suggestions, explaining parents can teach their children that the Master Ball is only supposed to be used on Shiny or Legendary Pokemon, offering a fun bonding opportunity. While losing the Master Ball can be hard, it seems most Pokemon Go parents agree that sharing the fun with their children is an important part of enjoying the experience.