Pokemon Go Players Have Noticed A Possible Shadow Debut In Party Play Post

Keen-eyed Pokemon Go players picked up on a mistake the game’s official Twitter account made when posting a recent Party Play image.

apex shadow lugia pokemon go

Image via Ninatic

Pokemon Go’s Party Play rolls out worldwide today, allowing players to work together to complete challenges and goals while they explore and enjoy their hobby with family and friends. While it doesn’t meet the demands most fans were making, it does go some way to helping reach a middle ground.

In the lead-up to Party Play’s launch, the official Pokemon Go social media accounts have been sharing images promoting it and teasing a few upcoming events. However, one of those teasers seemed to go a bit too far, and fans have noticed.

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Shadow Lugia Spotted in Recent Pokemon Go Party Play Post

Yesterday, Pokemon Go player The Poke Go Hunter shared an image that the official Pokemon Go Twitter account had shared. They explained that the image showed the very bottom of what they believed to be a Shadow Lugia Raid.

The replies add further context to this image, which we thought could also be a Shadow Mewtwo until we read them. “They took down the post and now posted a cropped pic, nice catch.” Those doubting the post missed the original, which showed Apex Shadow Lugia in its full glory, waiting to be fought by a group of players using Pokemon Go Party Play.

It would make sense for Niantic to put such a highly sought-after Pokemon out around the launch of what equates to Pokemon Go’s multiplayer system expansion. It could make groups of players more inclined to head out and try to get the Pokemon. What would help even more is if a shiny version was on offer, which there has been previously.

Apex Shadow Lugia isn’t a new Pokemon in the game, contrary to what some fans say, “Niantic coming out with new stuff.” It was added to the game alongside Apex Shadow Ho-Oh as part of last year’s Pokemon Go Tour 2022. Players can catch it with a couple of pretty crazy moves that will make short work of anything they use it to battle with.

Players will need to see how the day pans out to know for sure if they’re going to be in with a chance of getting Apex Shadow Lugia this week. Regardless of the fact that it’s already been in the game, enough players don’t have it that it feels exciting, fresh, and like Christmas has come early for Pokemon fans.