Pokemon Go Players Share Disgusting Messages While Using Campfire App

Well, that escalated quickly.

Image via The Pokemon Company

Niantic’s Campfire App, developed as a social platform for Pokemon Go players, has recently been scrutinized. Some users have shared disturbing encounters while using the app. The Campfire App is a companion application for Pokemon Go, allowing players to share game-related information, including the location of caught Pokemon. 

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While the app can be a valuable tool for players, it’s not hard to see how the wrong people can use it for other purposes. Players are already reporting disturbing message requests with sexual harassment or even unsolicited requests to join Pokemon Swinger groups.

Campfire App Becomes Hotspot for Disturbing Pokemon Go Tales

Recently, a Reddit user shared a disheartening experience they had encountered through the Campfire App. The user received their first chat request from a user called “hard for you,” which contained derogatory and offensive comments about their breasts.

This incident sheds light on the concerning reality that some individuals may misuse the app to engage in inappropriate and offensive behavior, making it a distressing experience for other users. As such, Niantic’s moderation team must stay one step ahead of these interactions. It wouldn’t be the first Pokemon-related platform to fail to moderate its community to safety. They recently launched a Pokemon forum that quickly went wild with comments sexualizing Pokemon.

Still, the safety hazards associated with the Campfire App raise questions about its suitability as a chat platform within Pokemon Go or any other game. While encouraging players to engage with the natural world is commendable, it is essential to evaluate the potential risks and take measures to ensure the safety of the users. 

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Niantic should consider implementing robust moderation and safety features within the app to mitigate such incidents and create a safer environment for players to connect and interact. Until then, players are advised to exercise caution when using the Campfire App and prioritize personal safety when meeting strangers in unfamiliar locations.