Pokemon Go Players Stumped By GO Plus Issues Following Most Recent Update

Pokemon Go players are noticing some issues with their Pokemon Go Plus device connecting to their mobile devices following a recent update.

Image via the Pokemon Company

In the midst of a recent update for Pokemon Go, the Pokemon GO Plus feature has left fans partially underwhelmed as the device appears to be experiencing more problems with connecting to mobile devices. These problems are not a good sign to have as the application prepares to make way for a new mobile game, Pokemon Sleep, and the upcoming Pokemon Go Plus + device.

The problems have it so the device is not properly connecting player’s mobile device, preventing them from using the item or disconnecting from it at an alarming rate. So far, these issues have been limited, but if they’re too widespread, developer Niantic will need to push a new update for Pokemon Go to ensure these features are flawless for the Pokemon Go Plus + release.

Pokemon Go Players Encounter GO Plus Issues, Unable to Use Device

These recent issues were shared by ItsFleeceKing, a notable Pokemon Go player who consistently shares their journey from their Twitter account. FleeceKing posted and asked, “Anyone else having issues with their Go Plus since the most recent update? Mine will say it’s on/connected and won’t actually lock on any Pokemon or Pokestops, as well as disconnecting more regularly. Hope these issuers are fixed before the Pokemon Plus +.”

The point of having a Pokemon Go Plus is to possess a real-life Pokemon ball that flashes a light when a encounters in the mobile game are nearby. It makes it easier to catch Pokemon and even easier to acquire items from nearby PokeStops by clicking the center button. The main difference between the Pokemon Go Plus and Pokemon Go Plus + devices is that the former only uses regular Poke Balls. In contrast, the Pokemon Go Plus + will use Great and Ultra balls, increasing the chance of catching Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go Plus + is still available for players to preorder and is set to become available later this week, on July 14, 2023, and then later in Europe, starting on July 21, 2023. Some fans are worried that the recent update might make the release for this new product a little bumpy, especially when Pokemon Go continues to experience less and less growth overall, given the latest changes made by Niantic, such as the remote raid passes, or the limited Pokemon shiny encounters.

Hopefully, an update will be pushed to ensure the device is a proper upgrade for Pokemon Go players and anyone who plans to play Pokemon Sleep. Pokemon Sleep will be a much more passive game, where it’s going to be monitoring a user’s sleep patterns. A beta for the game is set to come out later this week for a limited number of players, with a full release at the end of July 2023.