Pokemon Go Update Reduces Spawn Radius, Leaving Another Bug Unfixed

Pokemon Go players are frustrated that Niantic has patched a bug they liked but ignored another that is making the game unplayable.

Ash and his Dragonite in Pokemon Journeys

Image Via. The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go recently had an increase in the spawn radius, meaning the circle in which Pokemon can spawn was much larger than normal. Players were excited to see a positive change since it seemed all updates had been against stationary play.

Players had wondered if this would turn out to be an accidental bug that Niantic would then fix, which it was. Now that the spawn radius has been reduced, fans are disappointed, but the developers also left another major bug unfixed, which has players upset and frustrated even more.

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Niantic Hasn’t Fixed Despawning Pokemon Bug

A Pokemon Go player takes to Reddit to let out their frustrations about this despawning issue still happening. What players are experiencing is as soon as they click on a Pokemon they intend to catch and keep, it despawns immediately after, which is incredibly upsetting for Trainers.

The same user shared on Reddit a couple of days before that they were having this issue of Pokemon despawning. Now it seems Niantic has ignored it by instead “fixing” the radius problem, which wasn’t a problem, to begin with.

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This update is supposedly only on iOS so far, meaning some other users still might have the bigger spawn radius, but it probably won’t last long. Some players are complaining in the comments as they don’t see why the developers felt the need to panic so quickly about the spawn radius but ignore another bug that is almost making the game unplayable. It is uncertain if the developers know that this glitch is happening, but hopefully, they will provide an update soon.