Pokémon Go’s Evolving Stars event introduces the next big Season of Light Special Research story

The next stage in Cosmog’s evolution is on the way.

Image via Niantic

The Evolving Stars event will be the first major event coming to Pokémon Go in October. It begins on October 5, and when it arrives, it comes with the next primary story beat in the Season of Light Special Research story, starring Cosmog, the Nebula Pokémon. Not only will players have the chance to learn more about Cosmog, but they’ll also have a chance to evolve it into its second form.

The Special Research story featured in Evolving Stars will be the next step in A Cosmic Companion. Players following this story will have already received Cosmog, a legendary Pokémon that will eventually evolve into Solgaleo or Lunala. However, before it reaches these forms, it must first become Cosmoem. Players will likely receive enough Candy to evolve Cosmog during the next steps featured in the Evolving Stars event.

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Alongside Cosmog’s second form, multiple second-form Pokémon will be available in the wild, such as Kakuna, Pidgeotto, Poliwhirl, Kadabra, Haunter, Rhyhorn, and Seadra. They will also be appearing in three-star raids. The event ends on October 11, but players will have much more time to complete the second part of A Cosmic Companion Special Research. The final steps are available closer to the end of November, wrapping up the Season of Light.

During the Evolving Stars event, there will be a Mega Gyarados Raid Day on October 8 from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. Mega Gyarados will appear more frequently in raids. Players can receive up to five Raid Passes by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms, giving everyone multiple attempts to defeat this powerful Pokémon and add it to their collection. There’s also an increased chance to find shiny Gyarados after completing these Mega Raids.

With the arrival of Cosmoem, we’re still waiting for the final step where players might have to choose between Solgaleo or Lunala as their legendary Pokémon for the Season of Light. Hopefully, there are future opportunities for players to earn both legendaries, but we have no confirmation from Niantic that that will work.