Pokémon Go Announces A Mystic Hero Event, Remaining Silent on Current Community Backlash

More events are happening in Pokémon Go, but the community wants Niantic to sit down and listen to them.

Image via Niantic

The past few days have been difficult for Pokémon Go players as the developers behind the project, Niantic, announced big, unwelcome changes surrounding the Remote Raid Pass system. Despite their importance to many in the community, the team is slowly attempting to phase these passes out.

As this continues, the Pokémon Go team continues to trek forward and has announced their next event, A Mystic Hero. It’s a small event starring Mystic Leader Blanche, who asks players for help with an important assignment. If Niantic is trying to read the room, this announcement doesn’t seem like its doing a very good job.

Pokémon Go Community Members wish to be heard, but Niantic doesn’t appear to listen

The issues occurred late last week when Niantic formally announced that they would increase the Remote Raid Passes’ prices and provide more in-person rewards. The team has been slowly attempting to pull away from these raid passes, despite many players finding them incredibly useful, especially for those playing in rural areas. Since the announcement, players have raised their voices attempting to boycott the game. Others have shared heartfelt letters using the #HearUsNiantic on Twitter about why the team shouldn’t remove these items and instead listen to the community.

Since the announcement, the Pokémon Go team has continued to move forward without much of a response. Instead, they’re dropping this A Mystic Hero event where players will receive a quest to earn a Lapras wearing a Blanche-themed accessory. Beyond the traditional event announcements, there has been little traction on the continued backlash surrounding the mobile game.

However, the Play Pokémon team issued an important message yesterday that they would be investigating more effective ways to keep the community informed on any changes happening and to ensure the quality of those changes. The letter also reminded players to remain honorable and respectful throughout any changes, which were likely linked to the death threat a Pokémon Go community manager received following the Remote Raid Pass announcements.

The Remote Raid Pass changes won’t happen until April 6, but many players hope Niantic will step up and share an announcement, showing that they are listening to the community. Many fear this will be another missed opportunity for Niantic to address their fanbase directly and show they’re listening as more players continue to dismiss and stop using Pokémon Go.