Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Share Overpowered Heatran Strat to Solo Delphox

Scarlet & Violet players have a found the perfect counter to Delphox raid, and it lies with Heatran, who is a fantastic choice.

Image via the Pokemon Company

Delphox is the latest Pokemon to debut in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet as a seven-star raid competitor. Players have a limited amount of time to team up with others, challenge this overpowered Pokemon to defeat it, and have a chance to catch it. Some players have found a workaround so that they can easily solo Delphox, not needing any other players to help them out.

The strategy involves using Heatran, a legendary Fire and Steel-type Pokemon that you can utilize in Scarlet & Violet. The tactics are not too complicated, potentially turning this latest round of Tear Raids into a quick way for nearly every player who jumps in to catch Delphox or for others to carry a team through to the end of the battle.

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Heatran Stomps Delphox in Latest Scarlet & Violet Tear Raids

Image via the Pokemon Company

The strategy has been shared on a handful of Reddit threads in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet community pages. The solo player can use Heatran that has a Shell Bell on them, the ability Flash Fire, turn Heatran into a Steel Tera Type, with the attacks Flash Cannon, Magma Storm, Metal Sound, and Steel Beam, but most players consistently use the attack Flash Cannon against Delphox, and steamroll the Pokemon into submission. Metal Sound is a good way to keep Delphox’s Special Defense down, and Shell Bell heals Heatran.

Overall, the strategy appears to be a solid, straightforward approach to taking down Delphox without relying on the other team members to help out. Given several reports from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players sharing their negative experiences with players who throw Delphox raids, this strategy is for them and anyone else who’s continually struggling in this encounter.

After seeing the disappointing results of Scarlet & Violet players having to deal with online matchups that were not assisting in Delphox raids, this is an uplifting sight. We likely won’t have another Tera Raid encounter that works this well again in the future, but here’s to hoping this trend continues and the community can come together to find the best counter options to use against in the latest raids.

Delphox will continue to appear in Tera Raids from July 6, 2023, to July 8, 2023, and the following weekend, July 14, 2023, to July 16, 2023. If any Scarlet & Violet player did not secure a Heatran for this weekend, they have until July 14 to see if they can try again before Delphox disappears from these encounters.