Pokemon Sleep Fans Left to Dream as App Fails to Offer Halloween Event Details

After initial teaser press release, Pokemon Sleep fans are left wondering where the Halloween event details are

Pokeween Snorlax

Image via The Pokemon Company

As part of their massive Pokeween update press release, the Pokemon Company shared a variety of exciting Halloween-themed events across its many games and properties. The announcement featured teasers and details about events in Pokemon Go, Scarlet & Violet, the Trading Card Game, and more.

One exciting tidbit amongst the updates was the first-ever seasonal event for the newish sleep-tracking app, Pokemon Sleep. With Halloween only a few weeks away, additional details about what this event will entail have yet to emerge, leaving fans wondering whether we’re getting a trick or a treat from the app this year.

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Pokemon Sleep Fans Dream Up Possible Halloween Events

Reddit user and Pokemon Sleep fan Fluffy_Baseball6602 took to r/PokemonSleep to ask whether other players think we’re going to get the promised event and, if so, what it will be like.

Some users were quick to comment that they suspect we might not see a Halloween event at all, given the lack of details. Others have noted that the Good Sleep Day event, which will run from October 28th to 30th, has dates that are suspiciously close to the holiday. This might mean the recurring event has taken precedence over creating something new, or perhaps we’ll see them combined in some way.

For those who still dare to dream, some interesting items are on the wishlist for the first seasonal Pokemon Sleep Event. The leading contender for event features is candy, given that sweet treats play a big role in leveling up Pokemon in the game and are, of course, central to Halloween. Candy is relatively hard to come by in Pokemon Sleep since you can only attract so many Pokemon per night of sleep, and players dream of bonus challenges to let them get more sweet treats to level up their helpers in the game.

Other Redditors hope to see more Ghost-type Pokemon during sleep studies, which is one of the few details teased with the original Pokeween announcement. Additional speculation includes the hope of seeing Snorlax in a costume or even getting to make special Halloween-themed dishes with limited-time ingredients in honor of the holiday.

Without additional details from Select Button and The Pokemon Company, it’s hard to say what the Halloween event in Pokemon Sleep will be or even if it’s still happening. As the spookiest of days approaches, we’ll keep an eye out for what arrives in our Pokemon Sleep treat bags this year.