Pokemon Sleep Leak Reveals Every Cuddly Companion to Snooze With

Pokemon Sleep’s creature lineup might have been leaked and it seems Shinies will be a big feature in the game.

Image Via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep is right around the corner releasing later this July, and it has fans buzzing for new Pokemon content. Not only is this app going to be a better way for Trainers to get quality sleep, hopefully, but they also get to wake up to the surprise of Pokemon they found while asleep.

The game is going to allow players to collect different sleeping Pokemon, so there will be multiple of each with them in different sleeping positions, which we get to study. And a leak on social media seemingly shows every Pokemon we can collect in the game.

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The Entire Pokemon Sleep Pokedex Might Have Leaked

Twitter user ElChicoEevee shared an image displaying hundreds of Pokemon and their different evolutions, which we will be able to collect in Pokemon Sleep. This image also confirms that the game will have Shinies if these end up being exactly all the Pokemon available in the game. While the process of how collecting Pokemon works hasn’t been completely revealed other than we will get to collect them with the better sleep we get, we don’t know how to boost the chances of getting a Shiny.

One user points out how there are multiple different colors of Dittos, including Normal, Shiny, and Dirty. This led players to ask whether each variant would also have different sleeping types. Other players are very excited to know that they can collect Shiny Pokemon while sleeping and wake up to the ones they’ve caught.

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Another user brought up that since there are so many Pokemon and Shiny ones available, it brings up the question if these Pokemon will be able to be transferred over to Pokemon Home to be then brought into other games. More answers will soon come as the game launches later this month.