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Pokemon Sleep Will Have Battle Passes & Fans Aren’t Stoked

Pokemon Sleep will have a Battle Pass feature that players will have to purchase if they want the best experience out sleep tracking feature.

Pokemon Sleep received some exciting news yesterday regarding its soon-to-be release. The game is coming later this month, along with the Pokemon Go Plus+ device that partners with the app to track sleeping habits. The better the sleep you get, the more progress you make in the game. However, the game isn’t just playable at night; players can also enjoy the experience during the day.

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Sadly, it seems fans are already growing frustrated with this new game, as it will be including some paid content. With the game being free, just like Pokemon Go and Pokemon Cafe, it isn’t a surprise that it will need to generate income for The Pokemon Company. Still, players fear Pokemon Sleep will become too expensive, as other mobile games in the franchise have.

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Pokemon Sleep Will Include A Paid Premium Pass

User Lewtwo took to Twitter to share frustrations with Pokemon Sleep having a Battle Pass and shared an image that goes into more detail about what its contents will be. Players who decide to sign up for this subscription will receive a variety of special bonuses as well as unlimited sleep data, not just the last 30 days worth, as well as some improved gifts and different items exchanged for rarer ones.

So far, no information has been released on how much this Battle Pass will cost, but players can expect to find out when the game releases for mobile devices later this month. While a lot of games do support Battle Pass as a way for the game to keep generating income for the company to keep it up and alive, some commenters have also brought to attention that just about all sleep-tracking apps require users to pay for a subscription. So it seems Pokemon Sleep is heading in a similar direction as its competitors.

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All of this has opened up a much bigger discussion among fans about if the future of this game will stand a chance to be as big as Pokemon Go, but something we all wonder is if trainers will see improvement in their sleep patterns by using this mobile app. But yes, Pokemon Sleep will be having a paid Battle Pass for those that wish to have the best gaming experience while playing the game.

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