Pokemon Sleep Preregistration – When & Where to Register & How to Get Nightcap Pikachu

Here’s how to register for Pokemon Sleep and claim the Nightcap Pikachu.

Image Via The Pokemon Company

After many years of lucid dreaming, Pokemon Sleep is finally on the way. It’s now possible to pre-register your interest in Pokemon Sleep so that you will be alerted as soon as it’s available to download on mobile devices, and you can even claim a special Nightcap Pikachu if you’re willing to invest in a Pokemon Go Plus+ device.

Pokemon Sleep might have the most unusual concept of any Pokemon spin-off game to date, as it monitors how well you sleep. The game does this by tracking your sleep through the Pokemon Go Plus+ device or a smartphone, which you place on your pillow while sleeping. Your sleep will be reflected by a Snorlax in-game, which will get bigger and healthier the more you sleep, and more Pokemon will join you for a napping session.

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When & Where To Preregister For Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep animation featuring Snorlax
Image Via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep is set to launch for Android and iOS devices in Summer 2023, and it’s now possible to prepare for the release. The Pokemon Company has confirmed that preregistration is now open for Pokemon Sleep on Android devices. To pre-register your interest, visit this Google Play link, and you will be notified when the game is available to download on your device.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon fans on Apple devices will have to wait a little longer, as Pokemon Sleep preregistration isn’t open on iOS devices just yet. We’ll update this guide when the preregistration goes live on the App Store.

How To Claim Nightcap Pikachu In Pokemon Sleep

Image Via The Pokemon Company

Usually, you can only build a team of five Pokemon from the ones you meet in Pokemon Sleep. The exception to this is the Nightcap-wearing Pikachu, who can act as the sixth member of the team. To acquire Nightcap Pikachu, you need a Pokemon Go Plus+ device. The sleepy Pikachu comes with the device itself, and if you want to own it, you can purchase the Pokemon Go Plus+ on July 14.

The nightcap Pikachu will act as your alarm clock within the Pokemon Go Plus+ and will sing lullabies for you. The more you sleep using the Pokemon Go Plus+ via Pokemon Sleep, the friendlier it will become to you, and it will collect berries for you and use different wake-up cries. The Pokemon Go Plus+ is also connected to Pokemon Go, as you can receive Berries when spinning a PokeStop.

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There was a time when it looked like Pokemon Sleep had been canceled, as there were years with no updates about the game. It seems the time for the purposely least exciting Pokemon game to hit mobile devices, and you can rest safe knowing that Snorlax and Pikachu are watching you from within your electronic devices.