Pokémon Stadium is coming to Nintendo Switch next week, but missing the Game Boy connection feature

Pokémon cannot be transferred to this game.

Image via Nintendo’s YouTube Channel

There’s a new Pokémon game in town, causing a lot of excitement in the community. Pokémon Stadium is a classic battling game that’s been given a modern twist, and fans can’t get enough. With all their favorite Pokémon from the first generation, players can battle it out using their wits and moves to come out on top. And if the battles get too intense, players can take a break from the game’s mini-games. The ultimate Pokémon experience will make fans feel like they’re back in the good old days.

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And now, the wait is finally over for Pokémon fans, as Nintendo has announced the release of the highly anticipated Pokémon Stadium for Nintendo Switch. The game will be available as part of the Nintendo 64 catalog of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. This new game version will allow players to enjoy the same formula as the original N64 game with all the creatures of the first generation, mini-games, and the possibility of enjoying multiplayer matches.

Pokémon Stadium Nintendo Switch Online release date

Nintendo announced via Twitter that Pokémon Stadium will be available on April 12, 2023. Subscribers of the online premium pack will have exclusive access to the game. They can expect to face the 8 Gym Leaders of Kanto, face the Pokémon League or measure themselves against the most powerful rival of the whole game. The title also comes with the added benefit of online battles and mini-games, thanks to the online capabilities offered by the N64 catalog on Switch.

While this announcement has excited many Pokémon fans, there is a downside to the release of Pokémon Stadium for Nintendo Switch. The game will not be able to connect with Game Boy games available on Nintendo Switch Online. This was a feature that many fans had hoped for, as previous versions of the game allowed users to transfer their Pokémon teams from Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Editions and even continue their games through Doduo Tower and Dodrio.

However, it seems logical that Game Boy connection feature would not be present, given that classic Pokémon games are unavailable on the digital service. Despite this, many fans are still hopeful that Nintendo will activate this feature in the future and that Pokémon Stadium will integrate some kind of connection with Pokémon HOME.