Pokemon Trainers Announce Engagement Years After First Pokemon Go Date

Pokemon Go player takes to Reddit to share a story about their relationship and how it has progressed because of the game.

Pokemon Go Engagement

Image via Niantic

Gamers all across the world have heard adorable stories about people meeting their romantic partners while playing their favorite video games. This happens a lot more than people think nowadays and it is quite a beautiful thing, meeting the person you will spend the rest of your life with over a hobby you are passionate about.

The Pokemon franchise has played host to countless meet-cutes that end with a wedding ceremony, and Pokemon Go is no different. With Poke Balls making the perfect ring cases, it’s no wonder so many fans love to use their passion for the series to profess their love – and for some, it’s also where their relationships got their start.

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Pokemon Go Community Shares Ideas For Trainers Wedding

In a post by Terrifiedchildren6 on Reddit, the trainer warms hearts with a tale of meeting their partner through playing Pokemon Go. The pair, now engaged to be married, still play the game together, weathering the ups and downs recent updates have challenged them with.

Underneath the Reddit post about the Pokemon Go couple, the community has suggested what they should do as a wedding theme. One user commented, “Congratulations! How about an outdoor Pokemon theme wedding on a community day???,” followed by another user saying, “The ultimate Shiny catch!”

Pokemon Go has done a good job of bringing players together since its debut in 2016, and while there have been many hurdles fans have had to get through to keep playing and enjoying the game, it is wonderful to hear about the special moments fans of the game have been able to share. Hopefully, more of these stories will continue to punctuate the experiences that have spanned more than half a decade, and they will keep bringing the Pokemon Go community closer together.