Polyphony Digital apologizes for Gran Turismo 7 issues – Free 1 million Cr. to affected players

Updates with more rewards releasing early April.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Japanese developer Polyphony Digital has apologized for server outages and adjustments to the in-game economy in Gran Turismo 7. Many players have voiced their concerns and began automating races to grind for expensive cars. The developer is listening. Not only will players be receiving 1 million credits for free, but new updates are on the way in early April that go some way to fixing the in-game economy problems.

In an official PlayStation Blog post, Polyphony Digital revealed its plans for racing sim Gran Turismo 7 in the immediate future. Firstly, Polyphony is awarding accounts affected by the problems caused by “a non-paid credit pack of 1 million Cr.” Eligible players will receive the in-game stipend as long as they have logged into Gran Turismo 7 before April 25.

The next step on the apology trail is new updates that should go some way in fixing any problems with the in-game economy. A big new patch is to be released “in the beginning of April” that will increase the number of playable events, up rewards given out in completion of events and racing online, and “increase the upper limit of non-paid credits in player wallets from 20M Cr. to 100M Cr.”

On top of everything above, Polyphony is promising further updates that will allow players to sell unwanted cars and improves online offerings, among other fixes. Gran Turismo is a live-service game that Sony and Polyphony Digital want to get right. The incoming patches should alleviate some worries about the game’s punishing rewards and make for a friendlier experience.