PS5 June 4 event to have fans “as excited as if they were at E3”

Sony further raises expectations.

PlayStation 5

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Sony wants fans to be as excited for the PS5 June 4 reveal event, where it’ll showcase the first next-gen games running on the system, as they would be for an E3 press conference.

Jim Ryan, CEO at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has delivered bold claims during two different interviews released in the aftermath of the announcement of the event.

Those statements are further raising expectations for the event, something Microsoft has regretted doing for its first Xbox Series X games showcase happened on May 7.

On that occasion, Xbox had promised gameplay reveal for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that ultimately turned into some disappointing quick glimpse at the setting running in-engine and not much more. Both Microsoft and Ubisoft had to apologize for that.

“Normally you would be in Los Angeles in some auditorium with 2,000 other people,” Ryan told the BBC, seemingly not worried about the chance it might repeat its competitor’s mistake.

“You’d be able to cut the adrenaline and the testosterone with a knife. We’ve got to find a way to do that and give the community little bit of a jolt. When you watch the show next week, I think you’ll see that we’ve been able to do that.”

The PS5 reveal event is reportedly introducing multiple next-gen titles both from first and third-party developers and publishers, and those are said to include a new Silent Hill exclusive to the system.

“That’s the challenge I’ve set the teams: try to get that community, the 100 million people – and all of the people who don’t have a PlayStation we’d like to talk to – just as excited as if they were in the E3 auditorium, or if they were watching the stream,” PlayStation’s boss also told GamesIndustry International.

Sony isn’t worried about managing expectations and wants to kickstart its next-gen efforts with the biggest fanfare possible.

With that said, SIE has more events planned throughout the summer, and that should mean that the rumors of an August State of Play – with even more games and news – could be true.