How to watch Sony’s “Future of Gaming” PlayStation 5 event


PlayStation 5

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Update: Sony has delayed the Future of Gaming event, and it will no longer be held on June 4. A new release date has not been announced, but we will update this article when Sony confirms a new date.

Original article: After what feels like a very long wait, Sony has announced a special stream to focus on the “future of gaming”. The stream will be our first real look at the company’s upcoming PlayStation 5, and will hopefully be aimed at igniting some hype in consumers.

When is the event?

The reveal will take place on Thursday, June 4, at 1:00 PT.

What will it cover?

According to Sony, this will be our first look at the game’s that we will be able to play when the PS5 launches later this year. The event will cover a host of games, from Triple-A effort to indie games.

If Sony has been paying attention to the recent backlash received by Microsoft, we would assume you will get to see plenty of gameplay.

How to watch the event?

You can watch the event by tuning into the official PlayStation Youtube or Twitch channels.

Will we get to see hardware?

Sony has been very loath to give out too much public information, and many of the devs who will be involved in the reveal were unsure when it would happen. We don’t know yet if we will see the hardware, and get our first look at the new console. While it is possible, we wouldn’t recommend that you hope too much.

It is also highly unlikely that we will find out a release date, or a launch price, as both Sony and Microsoft seem to be locked in a game of chicken when it comes to revealing that information.