PS5 players left in Knockturn Alley with Hogwarts Legacy’s latest stability patch

The cursed platform won’t see the patch for a few more days.

Image Via Wizarding World

The latest performance patch for Hogwarts Legacy is now out for PC and Xbox Series X/S, fixing many bugs and crashes that players have been experiencing. However, PlayStation 5 players have been left in the dark due to “unforeseen issues,” so a patch will arrive for the platform later this week.

The patch notes, which you can find in their entirety on the official Portkey Games support website, boast fixes for many of the issues reported in Hogwarts Legacy in the days immediately following its launch. These include general Achievement/Trophy data not working correctly, crashes linked to spawning NPCs or events, and stuttering in most areas around the game world. However, they’re filler on a wall that needs replastering, and one part of it hasn’t even been looked at yet.

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PS5 players have been left without any sort of patch for the issues affecting the game. WB Games Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood explained that the PS5 version of the patch had been delayed by a few days. When it does release, it’ll also include a fix for the Collector’s Edition Trophy that hasn’t been popping for players.

The official WB Games Avalanche Twitter account followed this up, saying the patch will be out later this week if all goes well. Even with the patch installed on other platforms, players still report stuttering, crashes, and various glitches, like NPCs standing idly on their broom as it races around the Quiddich pitch.

At the time of writing, Hogwarts Legacy is a real mixed bag. Some players are reporting all sorts of issues, while others, even on PS5, haven’t had any problems. We’ve experienced a few issues while playing on PS5, but nothing outside of some terrible stuttering. For us, combat seems to be the trigger for slowing the game down to a jittery pace, while for others, just getting the game running on a rig that’s far more capable than its recommended requirements outline seems to be a struggle.

More patches will be released for Hogwarts Legacy over the coming weeks and months as the developer attempts to fix all the troubles players are facing. However, with no timeline in place, it’s hard to say when the game will be stable, so everyone can enjoy it equally.