PS5 reveal event reportedly set for June 4

New rumors about an incoming PlayStation 5 presentation.

PlayStation 5

PS5 reveal event has reportedly been slated for June 4, 2020, according to GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb.

Grubb has a good track record with inside information, as he had hinted at the latest Nintendo Direct being on the way before it was officially announced.

He joked about a PlayStation 5 reveal in the past, though, so this could be another one to poke fun at his followers, so at the time being, we can’t confirm his intention. It’s worth noting that he added some other little pieces of information in the following posts on ResetEra, so he hasn’t retracted yet on the June 4 date.

PlayStation has already revealed its next-gen controller, DualSense, so games, console’s design, and price are the only announcements remaining.

The journalist mentioned that the reveal event is “currently planned for June 4,” and using that “currently” might be a guess that work is still undergoing on the event and that plans could change shortly.

At least, they’ll depend on the evolution of the COVID-19 crisis in North America, where the presentation should be happening, looking at previous PlayStation Meetings.

The plans should have already changed, in case that June 4 date ends up being correct since previous rumors pointed at a May reveal for PlayStation 5.

On top of that, Grubb also shared that “it’s possible” that the presentation of certain Sony next-gen games might happen before that date.

A recent report from VGC has claimed that work on a Horizon: Zero Dawn trilogy is at a good stage and that a PS5 follow up should feature an online co-op mode.

It could be one of the first titles to be revealed alongside the console, although it’s not clear whether it would make it in time for being in the launch lineup.

The reports about production hint at the beginning of the manufacturing process in June, confirming the Holiday 2020 release, although the release would be set to happen with “limited output.”