PS5 trademark hints at incoming presentation

Next-gen reveal could actually happen in February.


PlayStation 5 has been trademarked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property on January 27, 2020.

The news, initially reported by LetsGoDigital, is being interpreted as yet another sign of an incoming reveal of the next-gen platform from Sony.

The application was also submitted under Class 9, a category featuring game consoles, so there’s no doubt it’s for the incoming PS5.

What is in doubt is what all this could mean for the supposedly imminent reveal of the console. Trademarking is an operation you overcome when it’s about time to show your product in public, and there’s a chance that this is happening soon for PlayStation 5.

The rumors from last year reported that a PS5 reveal was coming in February 2020, and while we don’t have additional information about this time frame, it looks like many believe it’s still happening soon.

Resogun developer Housemarque recently shared that its next game is about to be revealed, but that its presentation will be done only when its publishing partner will decide so. Considering the Finnish studio has worked with Sony on multiple projects in the past, this seems a hint for a PlayStation 5 launch title.

For what matters next-gen productions, Sony is reportedly decided to have a speedy transition from PS4 to PS5, and this will also be achieved through the launch of games that are exclusive to the next generation of consoles. So, cross-gen titles should not be part of the plan for the Japanese platform owner.