Quake has dropped a brand-new Horde Mode

It’s time to gather your squad.


Image via Bethesda

In the face of recent botched remasters, developer Machine Games not only delivered a well-received Quake remake, but the studio is still supporting it. In a new trailer, Machine Games has announced the release of a brand-new Horde Mode for the remaster, on top of bug fixes and subtle improvements.

This new Horde Mode will see players scavenging the map for upgraded weapons and power-ups while fighting off multiple waves of ever-increasingly tougher foes. The inclusion of Bethesda Softworks’ new add-on Honey has also been confirmed. Honey will see players tackling “waterlogged crypts and underground temples” in the brand new maps it brings to the game.

The Quake remaster, originally launched back in August, has seen Machine Games continue to add new content and features to the game. They began by adding an all-new expansion to the game at launch and have gone on to add 120 FPS support and 4K visuals for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

This consistent support does seem to point towards substantial investment by Bethesda and Machine Games in the continued success of the Quake series. Yet, whether this interest is due to a rumored Quake reboot or the developer’s love for the legendary shooter, only time will tell.