Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard deploys today, expect downtime

Ubisoft estimates one hour of downtime for all platforms.


Image via Ubisoft

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The next season for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Crystal Guard, starts today. The update will be available to download after one hour of downtime. Thankfully, Ubisoft has outlined when each platform will experience downtime and when the update will be available per platform.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crystal Guard will deploy across PC-based platforms later today before heading to consoles. The downtimes for each platform are as follows.

  • Stadia, Luna, Steam, Ubisoft Connect: 6 AM PT/2 PM BST
  • Xbox: 7 AM PT/ 3 PM BST
  • PlayStation: 8 AM PT/4 PM BST

The patch sizes for each platform have also been revealed. Obviously, platforms like Stadia and Luna will update instantly, but the patch sizes are as follows for all other platforms.

  • Steam: 12GB
  • Ubisoft Connect: 24GB
  • Xbox: 20GB
  • PS4: 20GB
  • PS5: 16GB

The final install sizes for Rainbow Six Siege after the launch of Operation Crystal Guard will be as follows.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 50.4GB/85.5GB with the HD texture pack and all languages
  • Steam: 51.8GB/78.2GB with the HD texture pack and all languages
  • Xbox: 50.8GB
  • PS4: 56GB
  • PS5: 55.6GB

Ubisoft claims that the patch this season is larger than others because many files have been consolidated into a single download. However, it adds that this shouldn’t affect the final size of the game on your hard drive.

The full patch notes for the update are already available to read. The balance changes shown over the last few weeks are included, and a boost to XP and Renown gain in Ranked and Unranked playlists. But, of course, the best addition, and the one that players care about most, is the new Operator Osa. She brings a portable defense system to the Attackers that will mix up team strategies moving forward.