Rainbow Six Siege’s new spoof deterrent is Mousetrap – a zany action, crazy contraption

Just don’t get caught yourself!

Rainbow Six Siege update

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft takes the award for most creative way to prevent spoofing with its new anti-cheat measure, Mousetrap. In a unique move, the company has announced that it will not be banning spoofers, but disabling their advantage by implementing a means to detect players utilizing a mouse and keyboard on console and slowly giving them input lag over the course of a few matches. Rainbow Six Siege will be adding this new zany Mousetrap contraption in Year 8 Season 1.2.

Mousetrap works by detecting the presence of spoofing devices and giving the player extra latency to their inputs. While it won’t be noticeable at start, the latency will ramp up over several matches to the point that using the cheats will actually decrease performance instead of giving an unfair advantage. Ubisoft says it has collected data and recognizes that this cheating problem becomes more prevalent the higher one goes into the ranking system.

Player reactions to Mousetrap on Twitter have been pretty negative so far. Most question why the video starts out by saying it would be super easy to ban the cheaters, but then spends the rest of the time explaining a complicated method that might not even work. The general consensus seems to be that fans want bans and not a more subtle deterrent.

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Some players are even starting to point out that this might not even remotely hinder a team of spoofers. They claim that the team could swap who uses controllers and who cheats every match so that members are always carrying each other and dodging the technology’s ramp up.

Ubisoft will likely have to find a better way to sell Mousetrap to the console Rainbow Six Siege community if they want to get everyone on board with it. As it stands now, most players just want to play the game without cheaters, and banning accounts requires no extra effort. The fun is definitely not catchin’ with this one.