Does Rainbox Six Siege on console have crossplay and cross-progression?

Better late than never, right?

Image via Ubisoft

Crossplay and cross-progression are becoming more of a necessity for players. Crossplay allows players to enjoy their favorite online games with others regardless of what system they’re playing on. Meanwhile, cross-progression makes it so that if someone jumps from one console to the next, like PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, they’ll be able to keep their progress. Many games either have both features or they’re planned to be included later down the road. Rainbow Six Siege is a popular FPS game and fans have been asking for both for a long time. The question is, does Rainbow Six Siege have crossplay and cross-progression on console?

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Is there crossplay and cross-progression for Rainbow Six Siege on console

Yes, the console versions of Rainbow Six Siege do support both crossplay and cross-progression but it’s still currently being worked on. At the time of writing, players who are in the same family of consoles will be able to take advantage of both features. For example, players who are on PlayStation 4 can play with PlayStation 5 players. If you’re looking to make the switch from PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5, you will be able to keep your game progress after the move. The same goes for Xbox users.

Ubisoft revealed that cross-play will become available between Xbox and PlayStation players in Year 7 Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege on December 6. Cross-progression will also become available for all platforms. At this time, there’s been no word on whether or not PC players will eventually be added to the bunch since PC players previously had crossplay and used cross-progression with Stadia, which is planning to shut down early next year. The reason why the team hasn’t added PC into the mix is due to Rainbow Six Siege’s precision gunplay in which deaths come swiftly. With such limited aim assist on consoles, online matches would heavily favor PC players. The PC version has another advantage through the lean function, which can be enabled without aiming down sights. For these reasons, you’re not likely to ever see PC and consoles in the same match.