Red Dead Redemption Sends Switch Players Into The Old West With New Port

The “conversion” will see the cowboy filled adventure makes its way to modern consoles this August.


Image via Rockstar Games

After weeks of rumors and speculation, we finally have confirmation that Red Dead Redemption, the beloved western game from Rockstar Games, will be getting a much-anticipated re-release this month, giving players a chance to saddle up once again as John Marston and take on the wild west. It will not be the full remake or remaster players had hoped for, but it will still give players a chance to enjoy this beloved title on modern consoles.

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The Re-Release Will Feature Base Game and Zombie-Filled Undead Nightmare DLC

Image via Rockstar Games

Announced by Rockstar Games today, the re-release of the classic Western game is set to release for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on August 17, with a physical release coming on October 13. The PlayStation 4 version will also be available on PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility. It will include the base game and the Undead Nightmare DLC, which sees players take on a zombie-filled adventure. The game will cost players $49.99/£39.99, making it a little cheaper than most releases we see today, which makes sense given the game is over ten years old, but it will undoubtedly be a bonus for fans wanting to pick up the game.

As exciting as it may be to see this legendary title getting a re-release, it’s not the full-on remaster and remake players were hoping for that had been rumored. Instead, the release is being labeled as a “conversion,” will not include any new content or changes to the game, and will, in essence, be the same release it was back in 2010. There is also no word on a PC version or a new version for Xbox, though Xbox does have the game via backward compatibility. It will also not include the multiplayer components from the original release, making this a solely single-player offering.

The port is being handled by Double Eleven, who has handled several other ports, including the console release of Rust, and Goat Simulator, and has been involved with the development of Fallout 76 and Minecraft Dungeons.

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While it would have been great to see a full remake or remaster in the style of Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s still welcome news to see a game loved by so many returning to the spotlight, especially for the Nintendo Switch. We also can look forward to remakes from Rockstar soon, with Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne getting full next-gen releases in the future, though we currently have no word on when we can expect those games.