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Redfall’s Reddit Filled With Complaints Over Bugs & Technical Issues

Redfall is being mocked online for its many technical flaws.

The launch of Redfall has been rocky, to say the least, and fans have taken to the game’s official Reddit to share the funny glitches and technical issues they have encountered with so far. The critical response to Redfall has been centered around the game’s sub-par technical performance at launch, in terms of visuals, frame rate, and the abundance of bugs that are found around every corner.

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What’s surprising about Redfall’s poor state is the pedigree behind it. This is a game developed by Arkane Studios, or rather, Arkane Austin, the same group that made the incredible Prey. Redfall was also a title that has been heavily promoted by Microsoft, as Arkane is now part of Xbox Game Studios, and it has been pushed as a big Xbox console exclusive, during a year when they have been few and far between.

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Redfall Players Are Sharing Their Displeasure With The Glitches On Reddit

Redfall faced a lot of negative publicity before launch, due to its co-op campaign only offering progression for the host and for it always needing to be online. Unfortunately, the fans who were excited about Redfall had more disappointment waiting for them, thanks to its many issues, with the funniest glitches being shared on the official Redfall Reddit page. A big point of contention is the game’s terrible texture pop-in loading issues, which keep popping up every few minutes.

Redfall’s terrible character animation glitches and barely functional enemy AI have also been mocked online. Those who have played the game have complained about how the monsters just stand around and never respond to the player unless they get within centimeters of their visual range.

Let’s also not forget the numerous animation and timing glitches that happen. This is because Redfall has notable issues with priority and stuttering, which likely isn’t helped by its always-online nature. This can be seen in the glitch below, where a character’s death by car explosion results in an unexpected series of events.

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It’s shocking that Redfall would be released in such a state, and the fans who paid seventy dollars or more for the game have every right to complain about its quality online. It’s likely that a lot of people played it through Game Pass and aren’t as furious about the issues, but that doesn’t excuse the version of Redfall that has been released out into the world.

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