Redfall Server Status – Is Redfall Down?

Redfall’s vampires can’t stand the sun, but can the game’s servers stand the player load?

Image via Arkane

Redfall is now available on PC and Xbox systems, following middling previews and reviews that harshly criticized the game’s performance. The Redfall developers made the controversial decision to require the game to always be online, even during the single-player content, so the state of the servers is a prime concern for the playerbase, as an outage means that the town of Redfall is going to be deader than normal.

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Is Redfall Down? What’s Happening To The Servers?

Redfall is finally available to play on PC and Xbox systems, with a day one launch on Game Pass. As an always online game, there were many fears that the game wouldn’t run properly from the start, forcing the initial wave of players to sit around in lobbies and wait to get in, while the servers melted from the influx of new players.

As it stands, Redfall launched without issue and the game was fully playable at launch. As of the time of writing, Redfall’s servers are up and fully operational. This means that players around the world can band together to fight vampires and their followers. The online connectivity is also needed for the single campaign, so healthy servers are a must, at least until the developers finally relent and take it out.

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The launch of Redfall was met with a lot of criticism from both fans and critics alike, with many pointing out the game’s terrible performance, low-quality visuals, numerous bugs, and poor enemy AI. It’s possible that the developers will fix the game and improve its flaws, especially on the Xbox Series X platform, where it looks especially poor, but at least players can get into Redfall and play with each other, unlike many other live service contenders at launch.