Remedy is developing a multiplayer Control title

Tentatively titled Project Condor

Image via Remedy

Remedy isn’t done with Control or its mind-bending universe yet. The developer, which also made Alan Wake, announced in a blog post today that it is developing another game set in Control’s universe. However, instead of being a single-player game, this upcoming game will be multiplayer-focused.

Tentatively titled Project Condor, the game is being developed as part of a partnership between developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher 505 Games, which also published Control. In the post, Game director Mikael Kasurinen wrote that Control was just the beginning of the game’s universe.

“Control is first and foremost a world,” wrote Kasurinen. “A place for multitudes of stories, events, and characters. A place where unexpected, strange, and extraordinary things occur. We kicked it off with Jesse’s entry into the Oldest House, but there is more to this world. Oh, so much more.”

Speaking about what kind of game Project Condor would be, Kasurinen was vague. While it’s clear that it will be a multiplayer game, its sub-genre is still a mystery. “We get that there is going to be skepticism about multiplayer,” Kasurinen continued, “But I believe we can create shared experiences without compromising the unique DNA of who we are, or the stories we want to tell.”