Remnant 2 Fans Rejoice as Concurrent Steam Players Flies Past 100,000 Mark

The number of concurrent players on Steam in Remnant 2 has topped 100,000 people, and the community couldn’t be happier.

Image via Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 has been an incredible success for Gunfire Games, hitting 100,000 concurrent players on Steam this weekend. This means that at one point, there were just over 100,000 players all in the game at once, battling through random world combinations as they fought back against The Root.

While fans have had some issues with the changes made between Remnant: From the Ashes and Remnant 2, the community is ecstatic about this recent news. It validates their opinion that the game is fun and engaging to them and shows just how large the community has grown in under a week.

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Community Thanks Gunfire Games for Producing Remnant 2 in the Wake of Widespread Appeal

Between July 29 to 30, the concurrent number of players in Remnant 2 on Steam passed 100,000. This is a huge milestone considering the game officially released on July 25. While the first game has a loyal fan base, the changes made in the second game have clearly opened it up much more and attracted so many new fans.

Hundreds of fans have been celebrating the milestone on the Remnant 2 Subreddit. However, the main topic of discussion continues to revolve around Trait Points. “It’s posts like these that ease my heart with some of the trait discourse, knowing there’s more folks having fun than not.”

Remnant 2’s Trait Point cap is something fans of the original really dislike, but it’s clearly not preventing others from enjoying the game. As one fan points out, this number that the concurrent player base has hit shows that the Subreddit only represents a small subsection of Remnant 2 fans. “Well, we gotta remind ourselves that reddit [sic] community does not represent the whole game player base! There are tons of people who are ‘just’ playing the game.”

Wade through the conversations about Trait Points though, and the true praise for the game shines. “Nice. Yet I’m playing it on Playstation and it runs so buttery smooth. It’s great.” There are so many reasons that Remnant 2 is a triumph in more than just great gameplay. It’s a title that nails those sticking points so many larger releases miss and is a sign that if a team can develop something that’s really easy to enjoy, a lot of the minor annoyances fall by the wayside.