Remnant 2: What To Do With The Glowing Orb in Tiller’s Rest

There’s a Glowing Orb that you can find Tiller’s Rest in Remannt 2, and this guide shows you what to do with it.

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There are several mysteries and unique riddles for you to solve in Remnant 2. Some of these puzzles have to do with searching around a specific area until you solve it, and others require you to do a bit more critical thinking and a process of elimination. For those exploring Tiller’s Rest, you might encounter a Glowing Orb that you find floating in the air before it goes into your character.

The Glowing Orb does not provide a buff, and it won’t give you any bonuses. Instead, it’s a mysterious item that you take around with you, and you’ll hear soft whispers around you until the Glowing Orb disappears after you die. Here’s what you need to know about what you should do with the Glowing Orb in Tiller’s Rest and how it works in Remnant 2.

How The Glowing Orb in Tiller’s Rest Works in Remnant 2

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The Glowing Orb won’t do anything inside of your character in Remnant 2. Rather, it’s using your character’s body as a transportation device, and you can take it with you through Tiller’s Rest, and you won’t have any other way to go but forward as there’s little else you can do but progress through the sewers. The downside to having the Glowing Orb inside your character is the consistent whispering you’ll hear the entire time.

There is a goal with the Glowing Orb. You need to reach the beginning of Tiller’s Rest and make your way to where you found the Dran Outcast, close to the start in Remnant 2. When you reach this point, the Glowing Orb shoots out of your character’s body, and goes into the middle of the room, underneath the light. It spins around for several seconds before crashing back down to the ground, and becoming the Spirit Wisp Amulet.

The Spirit Wisp Amulet is an item that when you activate a mod, reduces the current Skill Cooldowns for your character by 3% for every 300 Mod Power you’ve spent. If you haven’t already unlocked in Remnant 2, it’s a handy item to have, but there is an alternative. The Dran Outcast by the sewer grate is willing to talk to you about the item. You can choose to give him the Spirit Wisp Amulet or keep it for yourself.

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The choice is up to you. If you give him the Spirit Wisp Amulet, then he’ll give you the Outcast Ring. While wearing this ring, it increases your Reload Speed by 5% for 15 seconds after reloading. You can stack this five times.

Between these two options, I went with grabbing the Outcast Ring. The reason I did this is because when i reroll my game with this character, I will likely be able to get the Spirit Wisp Amulet again when I start over, and I won’t have to pick between the two. If I went with the Spirit Wisp Amulet and rerolled, I’d have to do the quest again, and still give the Dran Outcast the Amulet in a later playthrough, lose it, and I’ll get the ring later. It’s better to give up the Amulet now and get it again later in another Remnant 2 playthrough.